FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are we real estate agents?

No! We are not a real estate company, nor do we have real estate agents. This means you don’t have to waste time looking for the right real estate agent for 2-4 months. We only buy and sell houses – and thats it! Swipe to see more of the Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you charge any fees or commissions?

Nope, we do not charge any fees or commissions! Because we only buy and sell houses, we do not have any charges or commissions for our services! Also, we are transparent about our costs – so no hidden fees or charges!

How do we find your offer?

Our agents factor every single detail about your home! Some of the information our agents consider when calculating your offer include the part of town your house is located in and what types of damages need to be fixed on the house.

Once I submit my information, do I have to sell?

No! Once we give you an offer, it is completely your decision to sell your home with us. If you decide to sell your home with us – great! If not – then you are free to walk away!

Will my house be listed on the internet?

No! Because we are not real estate agents, we do not list any of the properties we buy on popular listing websites. We also keep some of the properties to ouselves to rent out if necessary.

Is There A Catch Or Gimmick?

No! There is no catch or gimmicks when selling your home with Offerly! Our only goal is to find you the BEST cash offer for your home – and that’s all! Unlike our competitors, we don’t have any hidden fees or obligations!

We give the BEST offers

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Based on the information you have provided for us, we will send you a couple of offers. We guarantee our offers are the best. It is your choice to accept it. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions above!

Get Ready To Move!

Whenever you are ready, we will send one of our home inspectors to evaluate your home. Once that’s over, choose your closing date and we will prepare your payment!

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