What are the most popular home types in Phoenix Arizona?

If you are unfamiliar with the types of homes for sale in phoenix az, you might assume that their layout includes ordinary developments in disappointingly low light or dull shades, allowing less room for creativity. But that is not the case. From sleek and modern downtown condos to old bungalows in…

If you are unfamiliar with the types of homes for sale in phoenix az, you might assume that their layout includes ordinary developments in disappointingly low light or dull shades, allowing less room for creativity. But that is not the case. From sleek and modern downtown condos to old bungalows in historic districts like Roosevelt, most of the houses in Phoenix Arizona show the rich diversity of its neighborhoods. The styles don’t end there: Monterrey Revival, Tudor Revival, Tuscan, Territorial, Mission Revival, and Colonial Revival can also be found throughout the valley. Although basements are rare, more than 42% of houses in Phoenix Arizona have pools, definitely for heat relief. With such a wide variety of home types, the price range can accommodate most budgets. Houses for sale in arizona are ideal for individuals who are seeking to fit their particular styles. Here is a summary of the most popular styles available in the city.


Condominiums have been revitalized in Phoenix by most homebuyers seeking for the sustainability of low-maintenance homes with modern facilities. Condos usually provide remote, community bonuses and are usually centrally situated, which means that walking to neighboring entertainment, dining, and shopping spaces is easy. They are offered in a variety of styles, including ground-level residences, luxury towers, lofts, and high-rises. Modern loft-style condos are mostly found in One Lexington, while Orpheum Lofts provide a more industrial feel to the center of downtown.

Spanish Mission

This style became popular between the 1890s and 1950s. It was inspired by the California missions and is usually marked by a confined courtyard, roofs that are made of clay tiles, wide roof space, thick doorways, and adobe brick walls. Decorative elevations can be noticed on various points on the exterior arches and roof and are dominant in this style of houses in Phoenix, Arizona. With earliest homes widely found in phoenix, newer communities have integrated the architecture into exterior designs of one- and two-story houses. Blossom Hills and Baltimore Shadows are examples of the style classically utilized by a major real estate developer CalAtlantic. 

Mediterranean Revival

Mediterranean Revivals are other prominent homes for sale in phoenix az, and they are seen in most professionally planned communities throughout the area. These types of houses are influenced by Beaux-Arts, Italian Renaissance, and Spanish Colonial trends. They originated from seaside villas and developed to Florida and California in the 1920s. Currently, the style is recognized for its discernible features like circular or arched windows, red-tiled roofs, and fashioned iron balconies with window grills. Mediterranean Revival houses are considered exotic, elegant, and romantic, and most people favor the original style as new developments continue honoring the design. Seeking for original Mediterranean homes for sale in Arizona is possible in several historic neighborhoods like Mayfair and Coronado, which are part of the La Hacienda Historical district. Professionally-planned neighborhoods like Val Vista Lakes, Estrella Mountain Ranch, and Vistancia are all excellent examples of the modern version of the Mediterranean Revival style.

Santa Fe

Home for sale in Arizona with this style is still highly popular in the Phoenix real estate market. This type of house dates back more than 3,000 years to the original inhabitants of the Anasazi area. In the colonial period, Mexican and Spanish designers brought their influences and traditions. Regardless of all these different traditions, the basic clay brick and exterior that is covered with mud still remains. 

Today, the Santa Fe type of houses are made of long-lasting plaster over concrete, and usually has any combination of the following aspects:

• Hard surface floors, usually featuring jarred bricks

• Raised fireplaces

• A flat roof of latillas and vigas, the latter being massive timber ceiling shafts, and the former being small wooden poles that are rested against them. 


The contemporary style of houses is easily identified by its vastly conceptual designs and smooth lines. The houses usually feature advanced technologies, specialized construction materials, and a particular aesthetic. Frank Lloyd Wright is the famous architect who is known for his prairie style houses and has inspired many contemporary homes around Phoenix, with more than a dozen of his homes throughout the region.

Some examples of contemporary houses in Phoenix include Marion Estates, Paradise Gardens, and Marlen Grove. This style of homes can also be found in various Midtown Condominiums like Optima Biltmore and Regency House in Camelback East Village. 


Also known as craftsman homes, bungalows began as a result of the Arts and Crafts Movement during the 19th century. This type of house was built to represent the common man as people were tired of Victorian homes. It involves simple designs and hand-made artistry. 

The houses become popular during the end of the second world war and have remained timeless with natural features of stone and wood, in-built cabinets, and a core fireplace in an open floor style. This kind of house can be found in the Roosevelt community.

Ranch Style

This type of house is known for its U- or L-shaped layout. They apply a modern approach to the old ranches of the American Western time, developing a relaxed and informal style. They were first built in the 1920s, and they expanded to include extensive landscaping, different roofing styles, and deep-set living rooms. Today, the exterior of this style of houses can be made of glass, plaster, wood, and brick. They usually incorporate large windows that are outfitted with shutters and overhanging roofs. The community of Willo hosts a massive collection of such homes. Most of them maintain their initial design to retain their historical relevance. Newer neighborhoods that feature the ranch-style homes include Mesa’s Dahlia Pointe and Rancho Paloma.

Pueblo Revival

These homes draw their inspiration from the New Mexico Spanish missions and pueblos. They became popular during the 20th century. They incorporate a flat roof that complements their thick walls of plaster or adobe, and sometimes their rounded exteriors are made of concrete. Their doors are heavy and wooden and usually include a backyard. Most of such houses can be found in the Arcadia Historic district and the Coronado Historic neighborhood.

All these types of homes provide a countryside feel that incorporates the traditional building traditions and inspirations of the Phoenix area. They seek to balance with the natural landscape of the region. If you are looking for homes for sale in Phoenix, you will certainly want to consider these classic home styles 


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