The Best Ways to Stage your Home for Sale in Arizona

Staging houses for sale going purely by statistics, professionally staged houses tend to sell 3% more than the estimated price. This makes staging worth the cost, especially if you are looking to sell your home. While staging is a guarantee to increase house sales, not all staging methods will ensure…

Staging houses for sale going purely by statistics, professionally staged houses tend to sell 3% more than the estimated price. This makes staging worth the cost, especially if you are looking to sell your home. While staging is a guarantee to increase house sales, not all staging methods will ensure a quick sale. Staging housework around the principle of improving the buyer appeal, and with the current competitive market, selling a house in Arizona requires one to come up with a clear and strategic plan for the best staging.

So, what are the best ways to stage your home for sale in Phoenix AZ? There are several methods you can use to make sure you stage your home in the best way possible. These methods can be classified into two:

• Internal staging

• External staging

A. Exterior Staging

When looking for homes for sale in Phoenix AZ, it’s quite apparent that before an interested buyer takes a look inside your home will first see it from the outside. Therefore, the first impression matter.

 Work on your porch

When looking for houses for sale in Arizona, the first thing any buyer interested in a home will notice is your porch. There is a lot that you can do to your home to make the buyer feel impressed. You can try planting flowers, potted plants use a welcome mat to your doorstep, trimming any overgrowth, cleaning the windows, and in case of any outdoor furniture, then ensure it is well maintained for maximum appeal. 

 On the same note, work on your curb appeal

Your curb can also use the same touch as your porch, and you can work on trimming any overgrowth, the same goes for any furniture, planting new greenery as well as clearing any walkways you may have.

 Work the pool/ court

This applies to houses in Phoenix Arizona, with swimming pools. The water needs to be bright and clean as well as the pool need to look like it is regularly maintained. Any foreign objects or randomly scattered items near the pool need to be cleared or tidied up. The same goes for basketball or tennis courts for fancy homes. 

B. Interior staging

Houses for sale in Arizona need to have an appealing interior. Internal staging, while equally important, requires more work and extra attention to achieve the best results. Some of the internal stagings you can do to your home to achieve maximum buyer appeal include: 

 Depersonalize/ get rid of any personal touches

This has to do with everything that could identify you as the owner. Things such as family or private photos, DVD collection, sports memorabilia, tabletops, any religious artifacts, political, etc. In short, get rid of everything that personalizes you. While your personal effects may be harmless to you, you may never know the disposition of the person looking to buy your home. You may likely end up offending them and lose a potential buyer before you even start discussing the price.

 Cleaning and decluttering 

If you want to list your home under Houses for sale in Arizona, then you need to have a clean house. Cleanliness is something that is expected and necessary if you want your home to have a buyer appeal. So, if you have any stained or spotted rags, furniture walls, then it’s time to make them all sparkling clean. This is preferable if you took your time and went from room to room to be thorough. The same goes for extra or excessive items in the house. 

You need to come up with a concise inventory of what you want to toss out, donate, or save in a rented storage facility. Once you are done writing down your inventory, then start packing everything (from the living room to the closet of your bedroom) that is not needing. There are plenty of things that usually end up cluttering your home and make it unappealing to buyers such as:

 Excess furniture

 Clothing

 Area rugs 

 Shoes

 Toys

 Get your furniture right

The main feature of any living room lies in its furniture. If you want to grab the buyer’s attention and make sure your house is what they want, then you must make sure your furniture is well maintained. This also affects the furniture arrangement and any finishing touches you may include in your living room. The arrangement should have spacious walking paths clutter-free, and you might want to go light on furniture. The light furniture might give the buyer ideas on how they will want their furniture arranged or fill up the empty spaces. It’s also not necessary to buy expensive furniture, and using old furniture also lowers the buyer appeal.

 Prioritize the important rooms/ spaces

In almost every house a buyer tours, they will tend to assess the living room as it is where they will receive their guests, relax, or otherwise spend the majority of their time in. They will also look at the kitchen as they will be doing most of their cooking and would expect some level of quality, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom (s), basement, attic, closet, cellar, etc. Taking extra effort in ensuring these rooms and spaces are at their best could go a long way in maximizing your buyer appeal.

 Use eye-catching professional photos

Attention-grabbing photos don’t need to be flashy, but good quality photos never hurt. Take clear pictures of your home interior and exterior either through a professional photographer or you can buy your quality camera. Good photos of your home tend to capture the best and most appealing aspects of your house. This will give you an advantage in the house listings for homes for sale in Phoenix AZ.

 Use neutral paints

Colors play a large part in many people’s tastes, and buyers are not exempt from this observation. There will be buyers who will be biased towards their favorite colors, which you, as a seller, will never be able to tell. The best solution is to use colors with neutral tones when painting your walls to get a broader range of buyers.

 Use gender-neutral theme

In today’s woke society, the chances of your homecoming off as stereotypical masculine or feminine may steer off buyers. This is especially so for the master bedroom, and houses in Phoenix, Arizona are not the exception. So, it is best to keep everything as gender-neutral as possible.

 Get rid of pets

As the homeowner, you may be okay with pets or even have one. It does not mean that the buyers will also have a liking to pets as you do. There might also be a chance that the buyer is allergic to pets or dislike their odor. Therefore it is imperative that you not only remove your pet on the premises but also get rid of any traces of they may leave behind.


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