How To Sell Your House in Arizona While Social Distancing

When it comes to these tumultuous times, people need to become creative when they have the objective to sell my house. You may have one of the many houses for sale in Arizona. However, you wonder how to execute the sale during COVID-19. We all can feel a little bit…

When it comes to these tumultuous times, people need to become creative when they have the objective to sell my house. You may have one of the many houses for sale in Arizona. However, you wonder how to execute the sale during COVID-19. We all can feel a little bit uneasy about how to do business while social distancing. But guaranteed there will still be people looking for houses for sale in Phoenix, Arizona. The following is a detailed breakdown on how to sell your home while you are social distancing.

Utilize Social Media

You may have never been one for posting online. However, now that people are sitting at home with nothing to do, you can start to post your house there. You can create an ad that will showcase how you are sitting at home wanting to give people a virtual tour. The ad should pique the interest of your friends and connections. You can pitch to them in this time because they might know someone who is in the market. It always helps to look at your personal network first. You might not think you have much of one, but your friends might be more active in trying to keep occupied than you imagine. You can offer a finder’s fee for a lead that will result in a sale. It doesn’t hurt to be creative and give out that monetary incentive. A lot of people have been laid off during this time and are just looking for a bit of extra cash. If you motivate someone, this person might follow up with people they think are interested. It can be a great way to help the community and help yourself.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent About Virtual Tours

You can ask you real estate agent about giving virtual tours of the home. There is software that you can use to stage the home. Most home stagers know how to do this as it is becoming something that people demand. If you utilize this staging and have the virtual pictures, no one needs to be moving furniture in and out of a home. Additionally, people can take a tour first visually to see if they are really interested. This will help to weed out candidates that just make it a hobby to home browse. It can be fun to go and do this on one’s spare time, however, people now shouldn’t be doing this. You can make it a point to only show the home to interested candidates. If your real estate agent is willing, you can still show the house. Just be aware that you won’t be able to do an open house like you may have wanted before. Also, try to hold off from cookies or any handshaking. There were little touches that the real estate agent used to do that are no longer applicable. Make sure you have Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer on hand there and actively offer it out to candidates.

Use Zillow

Zillow is a great place to put your home up. A lot of people will look there to just get an idea about what is on the market. In fact, there are so many people now that are probably pulling up the site out of sheer boredom. The crowd that used to go to open houses are probably flocking here now instead. You can make great use of this site by filling out the details thoroughly. You will want to have many pictures on hand as you can easily post them up here. Zillow is a great place to market yourself and show off your home.

Don’t be Pushy

We all probably know about closing the deal. You may want to close the deal but you feel that people aren’t willing to meet. If they aren’t, try to set up a video conference on Skype. Here you can look the person in the eye and tell this individual that you would like to negotiate terms. You can do everything via video that you can in person. If the candidates do not want to risk contact with a real estate agent, you might arrange to drop the keys at their door so they can go. It’s a little bit of a risk on your part, but not making others sick is what is vital right now. The drop off doesn’t have to involve personal contact. You should ring the doorbell and leave the key on the stoop. Then, step back at least 6 feet if not more. You can wave hi and introduce yourself from a distance. Try to respect that other people will be even more cautious than you. You can then arrange to pick up the key in much the same manner. Always step back and put distance between you and your candidates.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Walk through the House on Skype with Candidates

You can use Skype and have just one person physically present in the home. Most people won’t buy a home without seeing it physically, but these days you never really know. You can ask your real estate agent to call candidates and go through the area while on Skype. They can ask questions about the rooms, but you don’t need to worry about any exchange of germs in these encounters. This can be a respectful way for them to meet with a real estate agent without actually meeting. You can also be assured that this encounter will mimick real tours. Your real estate agent will probably be happy to work without actually having to be in contact with anyone. If you are looking to sell my home by myself, then you can do these virtual tours with prospectives.


When looking to sell my home, you might feel you are among many of the houses for sale in Arizona. Even though there are many houses for sale in Arizona, yours will sell better if you practice social distancing. Houses for sale in Phoenix, Arizona are a desirable commodity, even in the presence of a pandemic. 


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