Tips on How to Sell Your Home in Arizona

Homes for sale in Phoenix AZ take an average of 42 days on the market before being sold. You can shorten this time by appropriately preparing your property before the buyer shows up. The best part is that you are assured of returning the money you’ll spend on preparing your home for…

Homes for sale in Phoenix AZ take an average of 42 days on the market before being sold. You can shorten this time by appropriately preparing your property before the buyer shows up. The best part is that you are assured of returning the money you’ll spend on preparing your home for sale, including costs incurred on remodeling and cleaning. You can recover about 60 percent of what you spent on preparation if you market your property more carefully. 

While the autumn and Spring are known to be the best time to sell a house, it isn’t entirely hard to sell a property in the summer; you just need to do the right thing. Before you even start preparing your property for the next owner, you should de-personalize it. Focus on the general layout of the property by getting rid of personal preferences like that pile of Star Wars collections you have, or those jerseys hanging on walls. If you have a hammock suspended on the patio, get rid of it as well. Here are the tips to selling your houses in Phoenix Arizona.

Summer appeal 

You can increase your property’s appeal planting flowers in correct places, weeding paths, sweeping, and trimming the bushes. Ensure that your garden is in great condition. Arizona is significantly hotter during the summer, so ensure the grass and plants in your garden are kept green by watering them regularly. A well-maintained outdoor area can have a bigger say on your property sale, more so if the garden is already on your list of selling points. Here are some cool garden improvement ideas worth trying out. 

Style your outdoor spaces 

Summer buyers tend to spend time on their newly acquired properties before leaving at the start of the Autumn. For this reason, you can impress your potential buyers by decorating the outdoor spaces to make them look great for relaxing. Come up with killer outdoor entertainment ideas that will make the buyer want to spend time on your property during the summer holidays. You’re wondering how? Here are some sizzling outdoor entertainment ideas worth trying out. 

Open up your property and take full advantage of fresh air and natural light

Again, you need to understand that the summer holiday may be the likeliest reason why a buyer might want to buy your home. As such, you want to create a conducive environment so that they won’t help but buy it. Summertime is one of those moments you want more light and air into your home. To achieve this to the maximum, add some beautiful blinds and curtains. Add a new air conditioner if your property doesn’t have one. You can remodel the windows if you deem it necessary. Improve indoor air quality with these tips.

Get your cold water right

Cold water is one of the most critical resources during the summer. In above-average hot places like Arizona, even cold-water taps begin to let out cold water. The best thing to do is to install new chilled water pipes. Secondly, consider investing in commercial insulation equipment that will prevent the warming of chilled water. There are plenty of commercial insulation equipment tailored for household chilled water pipes. Besides kitchen sinks, ensure that cold water is distributed all over the house, including the bathroom. 

Don’t forget those ceiling fans

It is easy to forget everything about ceiling fans because you must look up to know they are there, but things can be a little different during the summer. Fans are some of the things the buyer will inspect first before buying the property – no one wants to be trapped in a fanless home during the searing summers. Check if your fans are functional. And even if they are perfectly OK, replacing them with new attractive models can be a great idea. 

Fresh paint or power-wash

This might sound obvious, but you will be shocked by the number of home sellers who forget to add a sparkle on their property before putting it on the market. There are two ways of improving the general appearance of your home: power washing or adding a coat of fresh paint. Power washing is a cheaper option because you simply need to give your property a thorough cleaning. If the walls are stained or have peeling paint, consider applying a fresh coat of paint. Everything paintable should be given a fresh look.

Front door hardware

The front part of the house sends the first impression to the buyer, and if they don’t like it, they won’t even bother inspecting the house further. Sadly enough, you will never get the second chance to make the first impression. Do everything that you need to do to improve the front door of your property. Among other things, consider re-staining/polyurethane or painting, changing the knobs, adding attractive door knockers, and beautifying the entryway. Improve your front door hardware.

Mow your lawn 

Well, this might not be a priority because there is a strong chance you already did it. Arizona being dry and warm as usual, you probably don’t need to mow your lawn frequently. Still, a simple mow can improve the prospects of selling your home to an impressed buyer.

Talk to the real estate agent 

You have put your house in order. The next thing to do is to talk to your real agent. Real estate agents are knowledgeable individuals. They are aware of the market trends, vest auction weekends, summer sales history, and all the tricks you need to employ to sell your property as fast as possible at a great price. 

Talk to the real estate agent early even before your home is ready. They can give you important tips about property appraisal, property improvements, market conditions, and every other bit of information regarding houses for sale in Arizona. You may as well hire the real estate agent to sell the house for you.

Pick the inspection times carefully

Summer is a busy season. It is one of those times when more people are on the move. For this reason, you need to be mindful of the time you choose to sell your property. It is important to consider public holidays and festive seasons. If you are holding an inspection, be smart to have between two and four potential buyers on your property. Not only is it great for time management – you don’t need to set aside time for each buyer – but also creates an auction-like environment – if the property is impressive enough, no buyer will have the balls to quote a low price as they know there are other buyers eager to take the property.


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